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DTS 2345.Serial Distributor

DTS 2345.Serial Distributor

DTS 2345.Serial Distributor

The DTS 2345.Serial Distributor is a signal distributor for serial interfaces (RS 232 and RS 422).

The distributor consists of two identical lines which operate independently of each other. Each line has one input and three outputs. Return signal can be configured individually for each input. Each input and output interface is individually configurable as a RS 232 or RS 422 interface. It is not necessary that the input and output signals are configured in the same way.


  • The voltage level of all output signals is monitored. If one signal fails, the alarm relay is activated.
  • The input signals of both input lines can be bridged. If a particular high number of outputs are necessary, the unused input interface can be used as cascading output straight to another serial distributor.

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