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DTS 2440.audio-clock

DTS 2440.audio-clock

DTS 2440.audio-clock

How do you announce an exact time via your station or the telephone? Or how do you record audio announcements in a precisely-timed manner?
The DTS-2440.audio clock provides the answer. It has two operating modes: For one, the device may be used to announce the time (speaking clock), but it may also be used as a radio time signal generator.

Speaking Clock
Acoustic English-language output of the time in hours, minutes and seconds combined with a concluding sinus tone. Interval and volume of the announcement may be adjusted. 

Your benefits:

Your voice recording system will additionally record the time announcement made by the speaking clock. This way, all time announcements can be traced back to an exact point in time.

Radio Time Signal Generator: Output of sinus tones with variable duration and frequency.

Your benefits:
The DTS 2440 provides a precise audio time signal, which you may conveniently transmit using your station or a special telephone number.

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