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GPS 3000/3100

GPS 3000/3100

GPS 3000/3100

For the precise time synchronization of the master clocks HN 400 series, Master Time Server MTS, Compu Time Center CTC, Master Time Center MTC, and almost any electronic device or computer is capable of reading the time/date information serial on RS 232 / RS 422 or as DCF timecode.

The GPS 3000 series receives the radio signal from satellites and provides the accurate time/date information (UTC) in the telegram format TSIP or NMEA 0183 on the RS 232/422 output.

The GPS 3100 series computes the time of the selected time zone. The change to daylight saving time happens automatically. The time information is available as serial ASCII string on the RS 232/422 output and as DCF 77 timecode (current-loop).

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