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DK Series Digital Clocks

DK Series Digital Clocks

DK Series Digital Clocks

The clock simultaneously displays information about time and date. The date information can be displayed in one of 16 languages. One single display unit can be selected to alternate between 3 different languages.

The DK series is available in the following variants:

  • Display of time (either 12- or 24-hour time cycle), in either a four-digit form (HH:MM) or six-digit form (HH:MM:SS).
  • Display of day of week: 3 characters.
  • Display of month: 8 characters.
  • Temperature indication (if a temperature sensor is connected) in °C or °F, possibility of displaying one or two temperatures (two temperature sensors), and description.
  • Possibility of alternating display between date and temperature, with adjustable period of displaying each set of data.
  • Possibility of setting the time zone, the display can cycle between up to five different places and display actual times and city names.

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