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Network Timeserver NTS

Network Timeserver NTS

Network Timeserver NTS

The Network Timeserver NTS is a time server for use in network environments. It can be synchronized by NTP, but also act as an NTP server. In addition, it can read the time from DCF or GPS (e.g. from GPS 4500).

The NTS can synchronize NTP slave clocks using multicast or unicast with NTP and time zone tables. As master clock it synchronizes other sub-master clocks or devices with DCF. Optionally, also synchronization pulses can be generated. The NTS can send alerts as e-mails as well as SNMP traps. SNMP can be used for configuration and check of system state of the NTS.

Simple and convenient operation, configuration, programming, administration and monitoring via LAN using MOBA-NMS software.

Your advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Small dimension
  • Powerful NTP server for small networks
  • Low price


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