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CompuTime Center CTC

CompuTime Center CTC

CompuTime Center CTC

The reliable and modular concept with its configuration flexibility is an invaluable asset to any new installation. Due to its multiline architecture, the CTC is suitable for a wide range of applications. The different types of outputs provide the ability to control traditional or self-setting slave clocks as well as LAN-based systems.

The CTC offers a variety of synchronization options such as DCF, MSF, GPS, LAN / WAN, etc.

CompuTime Center CTC is a microprocessor system with buffered RAM and real-time clock (RTC). It is built in 19 "technology and provides a backlit, alphanumeric display with 4 x 20 characters, input keyboard and connection socket for external program data transmission. 2 serial interfaces (RS 232 / RS 422), a potential-free alarm contact, the DCF time code input and output, 3 inputs for external sensors - Twilight, Temperature, humidity, etc. -., flash memory for microprocessor software and configuration of the 5 slots of the frames is the place A for the power supplies in accordance with AB 5.0.x and Place E for its internal reserve under AB 2.0.8 fixed assignment. The average 3 slots B, C and D are reserved for an individual module configuration.


The CTC - Operating temperature range is ± 0 ° C to + 50 ° C, max. 90% rel. Humidity (non-condensing) .

CTC is CE compliant certified to EN 50081-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 50121-4, EN 60950 and DB.

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