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Master Time Center MTC

Master Time Center MTC

Master Time Center MTC

MTC - Control Center for Multifunctional time distribution systems and grid frequency monitoring

The Master Time Center controls clocks, synchronizes computers to exact time, serves as a time reference on the LAN, switches time-controlled electrical loads, supplies time information in various formats, and monitors the mains frequency. The MTC has been optimized to offer the best possible reliability and flexibility, in order to produce specific and flexible system solutions for time distribution, in industries, airports, railways, radio and TV stations, hospitals, power stations, and scientific laboratories. The reliable, internal bus system (2-wire), the intelligent function modules, the centralized operation by means of user-friendly menus, the comprehensive software for system management, as well as many other outstanding features, distinguish the MTC system from conventional time centers.

Time Service System
  • Creation of flexible systems for specific applications;thanks to multiple modules.
  • Conventional impulse slave clocks.
  • Self-setting MOBA Line -Slave clocks.
  • NTP Time Server V4.
  • Computer sychronisation through serial interfaces.
  • Synchronization of electrical appliances and equipments by means of different time codes.
  • Remote relay, switched according to time program.
  • Analog and digital clocks
  • Error messages through SNMP traps V1, email. 
Centralized Master Time Center, graphical representation for various applications;

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