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190 Series

190 Series

190 Series

Microprocessor technology for autonomous clocks and self-setting slave clocks for displaying hours, minutes, and seconds with adjustable hand behavior. 
Modular movement of the latest technology for the display of hours and minutes or hours, minutes, and seconds. For illuminated and non-illuminated clocks up to Ø 80 cm with transparent and non-transparent dials. All types with central nut fixing. Autonomous operation with DCF 77 or MSF 60 radio signal movement (cascading of up to 4 movements possible).

Behavior of the second hand adjustable by means of a DIP switch. In slave-clock, operation is controlled by

  • serial ASCII time telegram RS 232 / RS 422 over standard telegram IF 482,
  • MOBALine, incl. power supply,
  • audio-frequency time code (IRIG-B, AFNOR or DCF-FSK),
  • special serial protocol over RS 485. Used to control and monitor slave clocks and clock illumination.

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