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Maintenance Support

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Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support for Time system technology

For time service engineering support, either remote diagnosis (by telephone or email support/troubleshooting via TeamViewer) or on site are made , for example:

  • Custom programming of a circuit program by Switch Editor.
  • Firmware upgradation of Timeservers and digital clocks.
  • Checking the GPS radio reception on site with vaious testing tools and troubleshoot the GPS related issues.
  • Verification of MTC on operability, battery test, MTCW settings.
  • MTC upgrade with new hardware modules. eg upgrade with new Network module.
  • MTC Software Upgrade to the latest version.
  • Troubleshooting of various Masterclock/Time server and display clock's synchonization issue, such as setting up of the NTP server, stratum degradation, set of routers, and various other service affecting alarms etc.
  • Support for various configuration issues.
  • Provision of Preventive maintenance of Master-Slave clock system under proper AMC contract.
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