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In every administrative or enterprise network either it is Banking, Insurance or Data center every transaction, access, modification needs to be recorded for the purpose of regulatory compliance and the key is to date and time stamp every event in real time. MOBATIME has many years of experience worldwide in providing GPS controlled network time servers for timestampping accurate, secure, auditable, logs and alarms of all transactions.

Financial sectors are mandated by government to strict regulatory compliances on electronic communications and protect sensitive and confidential data with accurate time stamping. At the core of various regulatory compliance is the need for accuracy of financial reporting based on accurate time & event sync, elimination of fraudulent security trades with time as proof and protection of customer information from modification for auditing. Everywhere time is playing a crucial role and doing things on right time is very important in distributed computing network. 

MOBATIME multi-functional time management system helps in keeping synchronized time throughout the network with various other applications like

  • Display clock control
  • Building automation
  • Exact-time voice and image recording
  • Network Synchronization

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