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Public Transport-Railways, Metros & Monorails

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Public Transport-Railways, Metros & Monorails

MOBATIME Swiss Time Systems are your choice when it comes to time systems and clocks. With its worldwide experience in transit systems (e.g Swiss Railways, German Railways, Taiwan High Speed Railway, Metro São Paulo, Metro Delhi, Jaipur Metro, Chennai Metro, Rapid Metro gurgaon, Dedicated Freight Corridor-Eastern etc). MOBATIME ensures that transit authorities and operators benefit from a time system and clock - to gain ridership and to save funds .

Railway and metro clocks are an essential part of passenger information systems on stations as well as an integrative medium to communicate corporate identity of railways and metros to their customers. In addition to that, time systems become more and more important with regard to precise time synchronization of various IT equipment. With our Distributed Time System in the field of NTP, MOBATIME offers you modern and sophisticated technology .


  • Fully integrated time systems with master clocks at OCC, sub-master clocks at substations, analog and digital slave clocks on platforms, in waiting areas, offices, etc.

  • Master clocks and time servers are equipped with world-wide established communication technologies such as SNMP and are fully redundant with superior management systems.

  • Time reference for computer controlled systems (CCTV, Ticketing, Access Control,Passenger Information System, etc.) with accuracy in the range of micro seconds.

  • LED illumination for all clock types to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

  • Standard and costumized slave clocks for indoor and outdoor applications in a reliable construction and design.

Application Note : Mobatime time system for Metros in India


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