Synchronized Clock Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare



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Synchronized Clock Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare

Alongside clocks in corridors and stopwatch systems for operating theaters, alarm systems, electronic lock monitors and other systems rely on the time provided by the central time server. MOBATIME produces each component based on requirements such as hygiene and design and supplies complete solutions for all the necessary applications.


Timing is paramount in today’s healthcare facilities. Accurate time in healthcare facilities - where life-saving decisions are made shall be intact every second. With an accurate MOBATIME synchronized clock system, efficient patient throughput, standardized schedules, timely medication disbursement, accurate medical record maintenance and Joint Commission compliance can be achieved. With synchronized clock system, hospitals can reduce time-based surgery & operations including billing and insurance disputes, proactively minimizing risk. Critical treatment methods, such as resuscitation and administration of fastacting drugs, are often reliant on minuteby-minute actions. In addition, hospitals depend heavily on accurate time records when dealing with legal liabilities. In fact, every time a procedure is performed on a patient, the treatment is recorded, with a reference to the time, which highlights just why it is so important to ensure that the time on all clocks in the facility is “in sync”.


Doctors in operating rooms and nurses in hospital wards around the world trust the exact time as shown on MOBATIME clocks – so that no time is lost in caring for their patients. Below shows how exact time can be acheived with MOBATIME clocks for Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals time synchronization requirement.


There are two main methods of synchronizing time


  • A wired timekeeping system has a master clock that is wired to each clock in a building and controls the displayed time. Clock options for this system include energy-efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks that receive power and time updates from one cable connected to your Ethernet. 
  • A wireless system retrieves a time signal from GPS satellites, or the internet. A signal is sent to each wireless clock using a radio frequency. 


For hospitals, MOBATIME has developed specific indoor clocks, exactly following the relevant customer specification regarding design, modular concept approach, reliability, maintainability to blend with the architecture of the hospital.