Time Synchronization for Manufacturing and Industrial Applications



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Time Synchronization for Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

The reliable control and coordination of each component and work step are essential to industrial applications. Synchronized time signals provide the basis for optimizing processes, especially in high-sensitivity risk industries with high-level safety and logging requirements.


Time means everything in manufacturing companies and clocks that are synchronized to display the same accurate time aren’t just a convenience, they are required for efficient, compliant operations. Synchronized time keep industries and manufacturing companies on-time, on-track and on-budget while helping to ensure compliance with ever-increasing traceability regulations.


Why Synchronized time is important for manufacturers


Time is money in manufacturing, so a synchronized timekeeping system impacts more than just the time displayed on your clocks: It impacts your maintenance costs, employee compensation and regulatory compliance. Let’s look at each of these in detail:


  • Lower maintenance costs: Gone are the days when your maintenance teams tediously adjust clocks that won’t stay on the right time or that need to be updated for daylight saving time twice a year. With synchronized time, you can set a clock once and forget about it for years: All of the clocks will display the same time and your maintenance crews can focus their efforts in other areas.
  • Accurate labor costs and compensation: Clocks that don’t display the same time can be more than inconvenient; they may be costing you payroll. For instance, a food manufacturing facility paid workers by the minute in accordance with government regulations, but the clocks in its production facility displayed different times. To ensure accurate and fair compensation, it installed synchronized digital clocks that signaled the beginning and end of shifts and break times, as well as optimized the flow of workers throughout the facility for correct compensation and tracking.
  • Precise regulatory compliance: Synchronized time decreases your liability by documenting the precise time of an occurrence. It ensures events take place on time throughout your facility and reduces defects due to time inaccuracy. For instance, a technology manufacturer may need synchronized time to conduct experiments, for employee meetings, and for accurate time stamps on its products.


For industrial purpose, MOBATIME has developed specific slave clocks, exactly following the relevant customer specification regarding design, modular concept approach, reliability, maintainability to bear the tough conditions of the manufacturing plant to save manufacturers thousands of dollars by synchronizing facilities, reducing delays, and documenting the precise time of various occurrences for regulatory compliance.