Time Synchronization in Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Systems



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Time Synchronization in Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

Particularly high-sensitivity risk sectors such as power plants depend on the reliability and high availability of time systems for all their components at control system level. Uninterrupted operation and the seamless recording of all events is needed at all times.


Synchronization of measurements in electrical power systems with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is expected to become critical worldwide. Time-synchronization measurements, the requirements for accuracy and reliability, the ways timing information is received and distributed in electrical substations, and the risks which must be mitigated before the power system becomes reliant on time synchronization. It explains the need for alternative time synchronization sources redundant with Global Positioning System (GPS).

MOBATIME provides the power generation and distribution market with state-of-the-art time distribution, display and synchronization systems. MOBATIME helps in building identical, synchronized & accurate time for all systems and sub-systems to ensure uninterrupted and secure logging of events. Avoid time gaps under all operating conditions - even for highly accessible, redundant systems.


MOBATIME offered solution & Time-Synchronizing source input may be:

  • GPS antenna input
  • Inter Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG) standard 200-04 input (sometimes also requiring a digital pulse per second (PPS) input)
  • Accurate synchronization of IT networks through NTP
  • or for some newer equipment, an IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) delivered via Ethernet as specified by the Power Profile IEEE C37.118

References - Power Generation & Transmission Projects

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  2. Combined Cycle Power Plant - Gas, Paguthan CCPP, Gujarat
  3. Captive Power Plant - Hindalco Mahan, Singrauli
  4. Thermal Power Station, Trombay Mumbai
  5. NTPC Kudgi Super Thermal Power Project, Kudgi, Bijapur, Karnataka
  6. NTPC Lara Super Thermal Power Project, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh