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NTP Security update NTP-4.2.8p15-library
14th, April, 2023

MOBATime is aware of newly published vulnerabilities of the ntp-4.2.8p15 library. The library is used in the MOBATime DTS devices as indicated in the manuals.

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Master Clock System - Factory Acceptance Test (DFCCIL)
30th, September, 2022

First Article Inspection & Factory Acceptance Test of Master Clock System performed at MOBATIME Factory in Sumiswald, Switzerland.

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Why is accurate time important in banking & finance?
07th, July, 2022

Particularly highly sensitive risk sectors such as banking & finance depends on the reliability and availability of time systems. Uninterrupted operations and transactions recording are required at all times. High accuracy, in the micro or nanosecond range, are essential for traceability and also to fulfil legal requirements such as the MIFID II regulations.

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14th, December, 2021

MOBATIME Timeservers, Master Clocks & Network Clocks are not at Risk from Log4j Security Exploit.

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Jamming & Spoofing of Satellite signals an emerging topic in the future
03rd, June, 2021

The vulnerability of the global positioning system, or GPS, is widely acknowledged. Radio frequency interference caused by jamming and spoofing is used to degrade a vital synchronization system providing positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) information for critical national infrastructure.

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