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Master Clock System - Factory Acceptance Test (DFCCIL)

30th, September, 2022 30th, September, 2022

First Article Inspection & Factory Acceptance Test of Master Clock System performed at MOBATIME Factory in Sumiswald, Switzerland.

On 12th & 13th September 2022, we had an opportunity to welcome a senior delegation representing the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited, Project Management Consultancy (PMC), our Contractor and System integrator for witnessing “First Article Inspection & Factory Acceptance Test” for Master Clock System to be deployed at DFCCIL Project.  

The objective of Master Clock Systems in this project is to provide precise and reliable time & date information throughout the freight line infrastructure and to display the precise time & date information by means of Digital Indoor Clocks.

We are grateful to all the visitors & witnesses for their generous visit & valuable time at our factory in Sumiswald, Switzerland. The inspection as usual was successful.

Their support has helped us continuing to expand our mission to provide the highest standards of reliability and extensive technology appropriate for synchronization, time-distribution systems and clocks for Railways / Dedicated Freight Corridors.

At last, we thank all for considering MOBATIME products and services and we remain committed to a lasting business relationship.

Why is accurate time important in banking & finance?
07th, July, 2022

Particularly highly sensitive risk sectors such as banking & finance depends on the reliability and availability of time systems. Uninterrupted operations and transactions recording are required at all times. High accuracy, in the micro or nanosecond range, are essential for traceability and also to fulfil legal requirements such as the MIFID II regulations.

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