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MOBATIME develops and produces all its components itself. This ensures optimal compatibility – even for custom-made products or integration into existing systems. From software solutions to distributors, acoustic components, relays, receivers & interfaces (signal converters) for assembly solutions.

Wireless Time Distribution

The innovative radio clock system is based on a transmitter that sends the time signal (868 MHz) to the slave clocks. The end devices are equipped with a WTD movement or with a special WTD receiver module. The WTD transmitter is synchronized either by a standard master clock, by a modern NTP time server, or by a GPS or DCF 77 receiver directly.

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The MOBALine-Booster is a device for the amplification of MOBALine signals. Extensions of more than 1000 meters and with approximately 70 additional clocks are achievable. Existing installations can easily be extended without the need for an additional master clock

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Impulse Booster

The Impulse Booster is a device for the amplification of impulse signals or line voltage transforming. Clock line extensions of more than 1000 meters and with approximately 100 additional clocks are achievable. The existing installation can easily be extended without the need for an additional master clock

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Clock Controllers

The DCF Clock Controller (DCC) is the low priced solution for the automation of the clock illumination and control via DCF or MOBALine. The Network Clock Controller (NCC) offers complete control and monitoring of the movements, illumination, and intensity thereof as well as the second/minute hand modes via the software MOBA-NMS.

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The DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor is a signal distributor for modulated (AF) and unmodulated (digital) IRIG-B signals. The distributor consists of two identical lines that operate independently of each other.

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The DTS 2345.Serial Distributor is a signal distributor for serial interfaces (RS 232 and RS 422). The distributor consists of two identical lines that operate independently of each other.

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The DTS 2390.DCF Distributor is a distributor for DCF 77 signals (unmodulated). The current loop input is distributed to five current loop outputs. The device is a redundant system containing two identical systems.

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DTS 2440.Audioclock

The DTS provides the answer. It has two operating modes: For one, the device may be used to announce the time (speaking clock), but it may also be used as a radio time signal generator.

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The product for the fusion of NTP and MOBALine technology is the Network MOBALine Interface. Its interfacing characteristics help to combine NTP and MOBALine installation and to benefit from the advantages of both technologies.

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Time Code Converters

Time Code Converters for a variety of different input and output signals such as MOBALine, DCF 77 time code, RS 232 serial time telegram, IRIG-B, AFNOR, DCF/FSK, and polarized impulses for impulse-driven slave clock movements.

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Network Programmable Relay

The NPR is a network-compatible, NTP-synchronized week timer used to set different switch times individually for every day of the week. The week program for the switch times can be easily created on a PC and uploaded to the NPR via network interface.

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MOBALine Swtich Relays

The SWITCH channel relays KR 461 and KR 465 are additional functional units that can be controlled by the MOBALine system. These relay units with signaling and switching circuits are installed on a decentralized basis right on the spot where they are needed. An optical status indication facilitates checking.

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PDC – Portable Data Carrier. The PDC is the easy way to download switch programs to a MOBALine master clock ETC

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Time Code Receiver GPS 4500

For the precise time synchronization of master clocks like EuroTime Center ETC, all DTS devices and almost any electronic device or computer is capable of reading the time/date information as DCF 77 timecode (current loop, UTC, or MET). The GPS 4500 is constructed as an all-in-one device.

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Time Code Receiver GNSS 3000

The GNSS 3000 is a time signal receiver intended for receiving time signals from navigation satellites. It can receive and process GLONASS and GPS signals. With this high precise time source as a reference, the GNSS 3000 is designed to be a synchronization source for master clocks and time servers.

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Time Code Receiver DCF 4500

The DCF 4500 receives time information Europe-wide (DCF and MSF). Atomic clock radio time signals from the long-wave transmitter DCF 77 or MSF 60 are received day and night.

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