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ECO DC Series

The ECO-DC series are digital clocks in 7 segment LED techniques at an economical price, designed in an elegant and slim case, for time, date, or alternating time/date display in single and double-sided versions. Slave clock operation controlled by NTP, self-setting MOBALine code, or optionally by DCF 77 code or by IRIG-B, mains powered.

Display features

  • Time display in four digits (HH:MM) or six digits (HH:MM:SS) format, either 12 or 24 hours format
  • AM/PM indication for 12-hour time format according to HW version
  • Date display in four digits (DD.MM.) or six digits (DD.MM.YY or DD.MM.YY) format
  • 7 segment LED with 57 or 100 mm digit height for a viewing distance up to 25 or 40 m
  • Alternating display of time and date with the adjustable time period
  • Display available in the red, green, pure green, blue, yellow or white
  • Sensor controlled automatic or manual adjustment of the display brightness


  • Anti-reflection front cover made of plexiglass including a filter layer for best readability over a wide viewing angle
  • Elegant and slim clock frame, made of plastic in black color
  • Single- or double-sided version for wall mounting, ceiling suspension or wall bracket mounting
  • Double-sided version consist of two pieces single-sided clock and suspender
  • Easy installation and time-saving maintenance, hanging holes for wall mounting,
  • Supporting element for distance from the wall (can be removed to tilt the clock down)
  • All connectors and state LED are accessible on the backside in the recess
  • Push-buttons are accessible on the backside in the recess
  • Protection degree IP 30
  • Equipment protection class II (no PE connection, plastic case)
  • Working temperature -5 to +55°C

  • Autonomous operation with internal quartz time base with the programmable, automatic seasonal time change
  • NTP multicast or unicast synchronization in Ethernet or unicast synchronization in WiFi network powered over PoE or mains powered
  • Slave clock operation with synchronization by self-setting MOBALine code, or optionally by DCF 77 code or by IRIG-B, mains powered
  • Precision 0.3 s/day at a constant temperature – software trimming
  • RTC backup with supercapacitor

Synchronized Digital Clock system is a need of an hour as in the industries/offices uniformity of the time essential to be maintained throughout the departments. This is required in order to avoid confusion with respect to time between the company employees and the management. These accurate clocks can be used to synchronize your facility, optimize operations, and maximize productivity. 
High precision quartz based digital clocks for technical applications, e.g. Power stations, Metro, Banks, Schools & Universities.. 


Technical Datasheet

Instruction & Operation Manual