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SEM 100

The SAM/SEM 100 is a modern high-quality movement for precise time display (SAM 100(t): h/min; SEM 100(t): h/min/s). Two powerful motors move hands for clocks up to Ø 100 cm. The SAM/SEM 100 movements can be controlled using MOBALine or DCF active time code. More signals are possible with a clock controller set.

Technical Features

  • SAM/SEM 100 is available for clocks diameters up to ø100cm.
  • Timecodes for SAM/SEM 100 are MOBALine / DCF (active).
  • SAM/SEM 100 is available with or without a second hand.
  • SAM/SEM 100 is available for both Indoor & Outdoor clock.
  • SAM/SEM 100 is available with Clock Controller Set (CCS) more signals possibility.
  • Fast regulation and set-up time (forward / backward) in SAM/SEM 100.