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Mobatime offers time system and clocks for various applications. Whenever punctuality is essential to a functioning system, Swiss Time Systems by MOBATIME is there: at train stations, subway stations, airports, schools, hospitals, power plants, IT applications, communication networks, industrial, administrative buildings, etc.

Clocks and time-distribution systems for Railway and Metro

Millions of travelers around the world reap the benefits of MOBATIME time systems. This era of globalization and greater mobility calls for forward-thinking solutions. Whether on high-speed lines or high above the clouds – precise time distribution makes mobility safe.

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Airport Clocks and Time-distribution Systems

High reliability to within micro or nanoseconds and maximum availability are fundamental to the complex control centers in air travel. Time reference systems make flying safe and punctual. They supply the time to all the different systems throughout the airport, including time displays, talking clocks, flight monitoring, radar data and data exchanges.

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Time Synchronization in Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

Particularly high-sensitivity risk sectors such as power plants depend on the reliability and high availability of time systems for all their components at control system level. Uninterrupted operation and the seamless recording of all events is needed at all times.

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Implementation of MiFID II requirements in the financial sector

The high availability and reliability of time information is extremely important in the field of banking, and especially so for banks with multiple locations worldwide. Efficient processes and accurate logging of all transactions are vital, especially where there is a need to ensure compliance with the MIFID II standard.

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Synchronized Clock Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare

Alongside clocks in corridors and stopwatch systems for operating theaters, alarm systems, electronic lock monitors and other systems rely on the time provided by the central time server. MOBATIME produces each component based on requirements such as hygiene and design and supplies complete solutions for all the necessary applications.

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Time Synchronization for Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

The reliable control and coordination of each component and work step are essential to industrial applications. Synchronized time signals provide the basis for optimizing processes, especially in high-sensitivity risk industries with high-level safety and logging requirements.

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PTP Slave (IEEE 1588 PTPV2) For the Telecom Sector

The Emergency Services radio Network used by the customer was based on TDM (Time Division Multiplex) technology. The system was discontinued and has to be replaced by a new system. IP technology was chosen as the new transmission standard.

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