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DTS 4160.grandmaster i

The DTS 4160.grandmaster (i) specifically designed for Indian market, is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 4 gigabit network ports (IPv4/IPv6) & 4 x E1/2.048 MHz output. The device is equipped with high performance IEEE 1588 Grandmaster clock along with SyncE, NTP, 10 MHz, 1PPS, DCF, IRIG-B / AFNOR & Serial telegram timing and frequency outputs. The device also comes with high degree of synchronization redundancy by connecting up to 5 time sources: GPS, Link, PTP, DCF & E1.

DTS4160.grandmaster (i) supports a number of network technologies, including Ethernet, and is primarily intended to be used on dedicated Local Area Networks (LANs) and SDH/SONET networks for clock synchronization. E1 framed/unframed ideal output for telecom applications offering 4 x 2.048MHz, 75 Ohm unbalanced frequency outputs as well as BITS 2.048Mbps framed outputs.

Any active network element, such as a switch or router that is added to a network, increases latency and jitter; reducing the quality of the clock synchronization that is possible. PTP aware switches, known as PTP Transparent Switches or Boundary Clocks, can reduce the impact of switching and queueing latency in the PTP network. The hardware includes IPv6 options for PTP and NTP services, as well as expanded GNSS support options including GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou. The DTS4160.grandmaster (i) PTP Grandmaster offers a hardware-based NTP server capabilities, allowing network operators to simultaneously support both PTP and NTP clients in the network. The NTP server is capable of supporting up to 10,000 transactions per second on all 04 ports.

Technical Features

Oscillator type:

  • DTS 4160a.grandmaster i / Type A with OCXO Oscillator
  • DTS 4160c.grandmaster i / Type C with Rubidium Oscillator

Interfaces type:

  • 100/1000MBit Ethernet / 1GBit SFP (Fiber) / Serial interfaces

Protocols type:

  • PTP (IEEE 1588) / SyncE / NTP/ DCF / IRIG-B / AFNOR / E1 / Serial telegram

4 completely separated LAN ports (3x RJ45, 1x SFP):

  • Provides PTP on 3 ports 1- and 2-step master or slave
  • Different profiles and domains per port
  • Multicast/Unicast
  • IPv4/IPv6/Layer 2
  • Provides NTP on 4 ports (>10’000 requests/s on all 4 ports combined)

Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs:

  • 4x E1 BNC (unbalanced)
  • 2x pulse/frequency/10MHz outputs
  • 1x IRIG-B / AFNOR
  • 2x serial output
  • 1x DCF current loop output

High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4160i via fiber optic link:

  • High availability
  • Master-Slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error

High precision time:

  • Time reception from GPS, GLONASS or Beidou
  • GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO)

Highly accurate, redundant, and reliable Network Time Server, PRC and Grandmaster for multiple networks. In a SDH network DTS4160.grandmaster (i) is used as “Master Clock” or Primary Reference Clock (PRC).  The DTS4160.grandmaster (i) is suitable for mid or large legacy networks for e.x. Telecom, Oil & Gas, Power & various other fields where PRC ITU-T G.811 accuracy and 04 x E1/2.048 MHz output is required.


Technical datasheet

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