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EuroTime Center ETC

EuroTime Center ETC are master clocks for small to medium size clock systems for the control of conventional impulse slave clocks as well as self-setting MOBALine digital and analog clocks, interfaces and programmable switching and signaling circuits with relay switch-over contacts. Absolute precision of ETC’s internal clock can be achieved by synchronization to an external time reference such DCF77 or GPS.

The Master Clock ETC is contained in housing ready for wall, rail or rack mounting. It is operated by an alpha numeric keypad, information for configuration and menu options are displayed on a LCD display (4 lines of 20 characters). The master clock provides the following outputs: Switching load programmable relay’s contacts and impulse slave clock synchronization line with automatic shutdown protection activated upon overload or short circuit detection. The master clock embeds multiple independent relays for load ON, OFF or changeover switching functions with respect to flexible multi-scheduling program capabilities (“weekly periodic” and/or “calendar date dependent” management upon exception/priority levels). The program edition can be done on master clock or by the "Switch Editor” software (windows) with file down and upload functionalities. 

The master clock handles active power reserve (battery) management with “end of charge” detection in order to provide continuous operation in case of mains power outage. In addition, the master clock performs automatic and autonomous slave clock management regarding daylight savings and power outage thanks to impulse’s storage / counting capability.

Technical Features

ETC 12:

  • 1 x Polarized Impulses
  • 1 x DCF current loop
  • 2 x Programmable switch relays

ETC 14:

  • 1 x MOBALine / DCF active / combined DCF-Impulse line / Polarized Impulses
  • 1 x DCF current loop
  • 4 x Programmable switch relay

ETC 24:

  • 2 x MOBALine / DCF active / combined DCF-Impulse line / Polarized Impulses
  • 1 x DCF current loop
  • 1 x serial output
  • 4 x Programmable switch relay

ETC is the modular concept for versatile economic time distribution systems with intelligible programming and system supervision. ETC’s power relays control lights, heating, signaling-bells and other switching/control devices by weekly periodic and/or date related programs. 


Technical Datasheet

Instruction & Operation Manual