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DTS 4135.timeserver

The DTS 4135.timeserver is a time reference for all NTP clients in medium and large networks (IPv4/IPv6). It is highly precise, and with its intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability. The DTS 4135.timeserver can either be synchronized from a time signal receiver (DCF 4500, GPS 4500 or IRIG / AFNOR time source), or from another NTP or SNTP time server in the LAN or Internet.

The high performance DTS 4135 timeserver can reply more than 1250 NTP and SNTP requests per second. It can also work as an NTP time reference for a network, being synchronized from a superior NTP-Server (client and server at the same time). As a multi-purpose device the timeserver is equipped with two independent IRIG/AFNOR outputs, two serial RS 232/RS 485 interfaces with script file programmable telegrams, two DCF or high accurate pulse /frequency outputs (RS 422 and optocoupler) and one additional DCF current loop output. The highest degree of system availability and reliability can be achieved by the master-slave operation of two DTS 4135.timeservers connected via fiber-optic (redundant operation).

Your benefits using DTS 4135.timeserver:

  • Supports NTP authentication for increased security, which allows the clients, to verify the received NTP packets.
  • The master clock manage automatic and autonomous alarm notification by SNMP (alarm and alive traps), SMTP (e-mail) protocols and over embedded alarm relay. 
  • The master clock can be synchronized by a GPS receiver or by IRIG-B time code or by NTP. It can also operate in stand-alone mode thanks to an embedded high quality oscillator (DTS 4135.timeserver: TCXO, DTS 4136.timeserver: OCXO).
  • Safe and convenient operation over LAN via MOBANMS (SNMP), Telnet, SSH or SNMP protocols is possible. 

Technical Features


  • TCXO (OCXO optional)

1 LAN port (RJ45):

  • Provides NTP  (>1250 requests/s)

Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs:

  • 2 x DCF/pulse/frequency output
  • 2 x IRIG-B / AFNOR
  • 2 x serial output
  • 1 x DCF current loop output

High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4135 via fiber optic link:

  • High availability
  • Master-Slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error

High precision time:

  • Time reception from GPS, IRIG & NTP

The DTS 4135.timeserver sets new standards as a time reference for all NTP clients in medium and large networks (LAN Ethernet/IP). High precision timeserver for technical applications, e.g. Power stations, OCCs, Hospitals...


Technical Datasheet

Instruction & Operation Manual