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Jamming & Spoofing of Satellite signals an emerging topic in the future

03rd, June, 2021

The vulnerability of the global positioning system, or GPS, is widely acknowledged. Radio frequency interference caused by jamming and spoofing is used to degrade a vital synchronization system providing positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) information for critical national infrastructure.

In modern time systems and other applications, the use of GNSS signals is well established. The signals emitted by satellite systems can be described as weak. These weak signals are particularly susceptible to interference and manipulation. There are two types of interference: jamming and spoofing. Both jamming and spoofing are a type of radio interference that happens when weak satelliete signals are overpowered by stronger radio signals on the same frequency.

Jamming is a kind of “white noise” interference, causing loss of accuracy and potentially loss of positioning. This type of interference can come from adjacent electronic devices or external sources such as radio amateurs in the area.

Spoofing is an intelligent form of interference which fools the user into thinking that he/she is in a false location. For example, in a spoofing attack, a nearby radio transmitter sends fake GPS signals to the target receiver.

Today, it is believed that the trend of manipulating GNSS signals is increasing. MOBATIME is interested in addressing such issues with its products. In our next post, we will share with you how you can protect against simple jamming and spoofing with little budget.

Always on time with #MOBATIME

14th, December, 2021

MOBATIME Timeservers, Master Clocks & Network Clocks are not at Risk from Log4j Security Exploit.

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Stainless steel clock for flush mounting
22nd, January, 2021

The ECO-SLH-DC series are optimally suited for use in operating rooms, clean room environments, chemical plants, labs, swimming and fitness centers, as well as in the food and beverage industry, canteen, kitchens, etc.

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